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Tips and Myths:Growing Hops


Growing hops is actually really easy. However, certain conditions must exist. First off hops are grown from rhizomes which are small portions of root cut off of the main root system of a mature female plant.  Here are the main concerns:

1) Well drained soil

2) At least 8 hours of full sun per day

3) Ideally plant when you are sure the ground is entirely frost-free (mid-March to mid-May)

4) Plant rhizome horizontally no more than 3/4" deep in well-drained soil

5) It is absolutely essential that the rhizome has something to climb on (rope, twine, lattice, trellis, etc.)

6) After 10 days to 2 weeks the rhizome will send up several shoots (3 to 7). Cut back all but the strongest 2 shoots

Now you are in with Flynn. Sometime about the end of May to the beginning of June the hops will grow very rapidly (2-3 inches per day). During this growth spurt feed the plant with organic fertilizer.