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Tips and Myths: Reasons to Homebrew

Reasons To Homebrew

Good reasons to homebrew other than saving $$$

  1. Itís a good way to relax. With all the stress of life in the new millennium, it provides a calming interlude and helps you get centered (that is, if you disconnect from your cell phone).
  2. Brewing satisfies an urge to be creative, which is in itself therapeutic.
  3. You have the pleasing prospect of offering your friends and relatives something special that you made with your own hands. Itís also fun to get all the compliments that will come with this effort.
  4. You will be connected to a ritual that has endured many centuries.
  5. Every culture on earth has a beverage that they ferment with grains. You will have an entrance into many cultures simply by looking up the local brewer.
  6. If you are so inclined, it is fun to enter your beers in local or national beer contests.
  7. It is fun to familiarize yourself with the many, varied beer styles.
  8. Remember, the main thing about this fun hobby, is to enjoy it.