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Tips and Myths: Reasons to Homebrew

Using A Wort Chiller

When using one of our immersion chillers, simply rinse off and place in boiling wort 15 minutes before end of boil. This will thoroughly sanitize the chiller and outflow lines so you can be ready to go at the end of the boil. Now turn the stove off, and turn the water on! Use a floating thermometer, or even better the palm of your hand to tell when to transfer wort to fermenter.

TIP: Only put 1 gallon of wort in the fermenter, pitch the yeast, and pour the rest of the wort into the fermenter. This will aerate the wort and mix it up thoroughly. It's just that simple. Remember to fight the urge to overcomplicate things.

Wort Chillers - Our wort chillers all feature a self-contained stand so the copper coils don't sit directly on the bottom of the pot, promoting a circular flow pattern of the wort around the coil and ensuring more efficient cooling and a better "cold break."

We now have:

EQ201- 25 feet of 3/8" copper, 8" of vinyl tubing on both ends, "in" tube has female garden hose fitting, they are a perfect fit for 5-7 gal. pot. - $52.00 

EQ204 - 50 feet of 1/2" copper with fittings on both "in" and "out" extensions of the coil. Made to use in larger pots such as our 8 gal. and 15 gal. pots and are perfect for converted-keg pots. Note that the "in" and "out" lines are long enough to extend outside the pots. - $92.00