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Tips and Myths:Yeast Starters


There is a lot about yeast starters that is counterintuitive.

(1.) You should make a LIGHT wort to start the yeast in 1.030-1.035. This translates to 1/4 lb malt extract in a quart, or 1/8 lb malt extract in a pint. Do not go much higher than this.

(2.) It is way more sanitary to start your yeast in your primary fermenter because the starter does not have to be transferred from one container to another and this is not good laboratory technique.

(3.) It's better to pitch the starter just after high Krausen.

(4.) Yeast Nutrient(Diamonium Phosphate) does not give much aid to the yeast starter. If you use a yeast nutrient for sure use Servomyces or a Biotin based yeast energizer with yeast hulls in it.